Hello Animal Crossing fans! It’s time to dig out your copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf if you haven’t already and turn it on! The FREE update is already live and it’s huge! This update changes everything and will give you new reasons to check on your town every day.



Now Amiibo Compatible

Dig out your Animal Crossing Amiibo figurines and cards! Now you can invite special guests to Harv’s Campground! You can talk to them, buy their furniture and some you can even invite to move into your town! No open space, no problem! If there is, they’ll move right in, but if not, you can choose who you’d like to move out.
If you haven’t jumped onto the Amiibo train yet, you better hop on right now! Hurry up because Amiibo cards are literally flying off the shelves. I had to go to 4 stores before I could even find any cards.


Harv’s Campground

Once you update your game, you’ll see the new RV Campground on your town map! Here you’ll meet a new animal named Harvey, who will have a couple items up for sale that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, you’ll have a new visitor here every day inside their RV where there are more items for sale. Harvey will explain it all to you, but your bells are no good here. You’ll have to earn MEOW Coupons to purchase anything on the campground.


Wisp’s Lamp

Use Wisp’s lamp to summon a second RV into the Campground every day for your Amiibo character to visit your town. You can only scan one Amiibo figurine or card each day, but you can literally work up to having a town of cats, dogs or even ducks if you wanted to!


Addition Of Happy Home Designer Items

Items from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer are now available for sale in Harv’s Campground and in the visiting animals RV’s! Much like the Nooklings’ store, the items available change every day, so keep checking back! Just remember – you’ll need your MEOW Coupons to buy anything from the Campground.


Town Initiatives, MEOW Coupons & CAT Machine

Town Initiatives are daily tasks you can complete to receive MEOW Coupons. A lot of these tasks are things you already do like plant and sell fruit, pull weeds, and change your clothes or hair. You can find your Town’s Initiatives on the TPC screen of your menu. Most initiatives expire the next day or in the following days to come.
Your Cat Machine will be located outside of Town Hall. After you complete any of your Town Initiatives, you’ll be able to collect your earned MEOW Coupons to exchange for items for sale in Harv’s Campground.


Minigames Animal Crossing Puzzle League & Desert Island Escape

To play either minigame you first need to get the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo New 3DS in your home. Option one is you could get them from fortune cookies sold at the Nooklings’ store, but there’s a much easier way. Option two is you just have to bring an Animal Crossing Amiibo into your campground like Tom Nook, Isabelle, K.k. Slider or Rover. Head on over to say hello and purchase them out of their RV. Remember you need MEOW coupons and each item is 3 MEOW coupons each.

Once you have both consoles added to your home, you’re ready to play! The more you progress in each minigame, furniture unlocks and you’ll receive it in the mail the next time you turn on your game.


Happy Home Designer Touch Screen Controls

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer yet, you’ll be pleasantly shocked with this part of the update. No more throwing leaves everywhere anymore! Now you can use your stylus to move furniture around on a grid! Your furniture with + signs over them means you can put something smaller ontop of it, like Wisp’s Lamp or Nintendo’s New 3DS.


More Home Storage

Walk over to Nook Homes if you already have your second floor on your home to get your new in-home storeroom! You can access your new storeroom from anywhere in your house and it’ll give you 9 new drawers of space for only 158,000 bells. It’s totally worth it! We’ve spent more bells on smaller things, like 2.2 million bell crowns.


Say Cheese! It’s Selfie Time!

Gather your favorite villagers because now you can take in-game selfies with them! You can even share them with friends using the 3DS Image Share tool.