• Virtually limitless data allowances are great for streamers and gamers.
  • DISH TV customers can bundle their package with dishNET wireline and save $10 per month.
  • Impressive DSL speeds of up to 40 Mbps are available at affordable prices.


  • dishNET’s Wireline is only available in 26 states, so many customers are unable to join.
  • As with any DSL internet, speeds can vary depending on how far you live from the hub.
  • There are only two DSL plans available from dishNET Wireline.
 dishNET Wireline DSL Internet
Bundled Pricing$39.99 – $49.99/mo.
Internet Only Pricing$49.99 – $59.99/mo.
Price Guarantee2 years
Download Speed12 – 40 Mbps
Data AllowanceUp to 250 GB
Good for GamingYes
EquipmentdishNET Wireline Modem
Equipment Lease$10/mo.

What You Need to Know

DISH Network offers a DSL internet option to customers in 26 states. This internet is called dishNET Wireline and offers high speed service up to 40 Mbps. dishNET Wireline is included in DISH Network’s bundle deals, so you can save $10 per month when you pair your DISH TV package with DISH internet.

Our Review

DISH DSL internet includes just two plans, but both are good options for customers who can subscribe. One of the best things about DISH’s DSL internet options is the almost unlimited data usage. With up to 250 GB per month, an average internet user will never come remotely close to the data limit. Both the Good and Better Internet plans include very high data caps, making download speed the primary difference between the two plans. The biggest downside: dishNET Wireline is only available in 26 states, so there’s a good chance you aren’t able to get internet through the service.

The Good Internet plan works well if you’re planning on sticking to email and web browsing. The 12 Mbps speeds are reliable and fast enough for a small family with a couple of smart devices. You could connect a smart TV, computer and tablet and enjoy with this DSL internet plan without a problem.

In my opinion, for just $10 more per month and more than double the speed, it’s worth upgrading to the Better DISH internet plan. The 40 Mbps download speeds are good for social media, shopping online, managing bank accounts, emailing and regular browsing. You’ll also be able to stream in HD without long load times. If there’s a gamer in your house, this is the DISH internet plan for your family. Playing online requires a fast connection with a low ping time, which is possible with the Better Internet plan.

DSL is generally an affordable internet solution and dishNET Wireline is priced competitively. DISH also includes Wireline in its bundle options. If you’re a DISH Network TV customer, or are looking to add a new TV package, it’s worth a look at the internet plans DISH offers. The monthly price on your TV and internet is guaranteed for two years, and you’ll also save $10 a month on your internet. The DISH TV and internet bundle also includes free premium channels from EPIX.

Our Recommendation

With high data caps and bundle deals, dishNET Wireline is a great internet option, if you can get it. Both plans are viable options, and if you don’t need the speed of the Better Internet plan, save $10 per month and go with Good Internet. If you’re gaming or streaming, or want to connect a lot of devices at a time, I recommend upgrading to the faster Better Internet.