Geeni Surge 4 USB Smart Power Strip









  • Each of the standard plugs on the power strip can be controlled separately.
  • Control the outlets with the Geeni app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Plug into 4 standard outlets and 4 USB outlets for maximum power and charging.


  • Some reviewers reported difficulties connecting to their internet router.
  • The USB outlets cannot be controlled individually from one another.
  • The standard electrical outlets are too close together for some bulky plugs.

Geeni Surge 4 USB Smart Power Strip Review

Starting to automate your home from scratch can be time consuming and costly. Adding smart plugs is a great place to start. Instead of connecting a smart, WiFi enabled appliance directly to your hub or smartphone, plug in your regular appliances to a smart plug. You immediately gain the ability to control your lights, kitchen accessories and entertainment center, without upgrading any of that equipment!

There are tons of smart plugs available at affordable price points; you can find multiple high quality options for less than $20. The Geeni Surge 4 USB Smart Power Strip combines 4 outlets into 1 surge protected unit. There are also 4 USB outlets for charging your smart devices, although these 4 outlets can’t be controlled separately like the 4 standard electrical outlets.

You can find the Geeni Surge 4 USB Smart Power Strip at Home Depot, the Geeni website and on Amazon, where it’s available for $39.99.

The Geeni brand offers a lot of home automation accessories, including lighting and cameras, so the integration between this power strip and your smart home hub (either Alexa or Google Assistant) works well. However, it is easier to connect to Amazon’s Alexa. Just use a skill and link your Geeni account to discover the power strip.

There’s also a Geeni app, which is easy to add devices to and navigate. However, some users report a constant notification unless you force close the app, which I experienced as well. If you don’t have a hub powered by a smart assistant and don’t mind a pointless notification, the app works well.

On Amazon, Home Depot and Google Play reviews skew positive, from people using it in all sorts of ways. Overall, this is a solid investment with smart capabilities that doesn’t forget its main purpose – powering all your appliances from a single outlet in your home.