The Nintendo NX / Switch First Look is out! It has left us with more questions and with fewer answers. So we’ve compiled some of the ones we wondered about the most below with speculative answers. As more information becomes available, we will update this page. So keep checking back!

*Update: There will be no more major Switch announcements until January 12th.


If you haven’t seen the Nintendo Switch First Look yet, here it is below:


How Much Will The Nintendo Switch Cost?

No price has been announced for the Nintendo Switch yet. Some are speculating around a $300 dollar price point based off of previous device releases. The WiiU costed $349.99, 3DS XL $249.99 and the Wii $249.99 at launch day.


When Is The Nintendo Switch Coming Out?

An exact date hasn’t been released just yet, only sometime in March 2017.

*An exact date may be announced January 12th where Nintendo will be showing off more major details about the switch.


Is The 3DS Dead?

It doesn’t appear so, as new games are still being released. Also – let’s not forget that the galaxy version has been released semi-recently.

*Nintendo stated that after the full unveiling of the Switch, we will understand how it is different from the 3DS. (Tweet By WSJ Reporter)


What Games Will Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

The Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of The Wild, Dragon Quest XI, Project Sonic 2017 and Just Dance 2017 have all been confirmed games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

A New Super Mario, New Mario Kart, Skyrim, Splatoon and NBA 2k17 were featured in the First Look but have not been confirmed by Nintendo or their publishers yet.


Will I Seriously Still Need To Swap A 12 Digital ID Number Just To Play With Friends?

Let’s hope not because it’s been very annoying thus far. Cross your fingers for Nintendo and all of us that they’ve found a better way.


Will There Be Dual Screen Play For Some Games If You Use The Game Pad With The TV?

There is no indication of dual screen play in the First Look of the Nintendo Switch. It’s likely that this feature will be reserved for handhold devices only.


Will GameCube Games Finally Be Added To The Eshop? Since There’s No Backwards Compatibility…

Unfortunately no one knows. At this point with both N64 and Wii games available in the Eshop, it doesn’t seem likely.


Will There Be A Touch Screen?

It would certainly make sense for the Switch to have touchscreen capabilities, but there was no indication of it in the First Look. However, recent patent filings by Nintendo do suggest that there is some sort of touchscreen.


What Are The Specs?

Who knows! All that the First Look indicates is that the specs are good enough to handle Skyrim.
*Large details like specs seem to be a secret until Nintendo’s full unveiling in January.


Is This The End Of The 3D Gaming For Nintendo?

You either hated or loved having 3ds gaming capabilities with the 3DS but at least we’ve always had the option to turn it on or off. No word as of yet to what will happen with 3D gaming beyond the 3DS.