• High speed internet is available nationwide with DISH Network’s satellite internet.
  • Bundle your dishNET satellite internet with a DISH TV package and save $10 a month.
  • The Better and Best plans include Internet Plus, so you can visit websites and use email after hitting the data cap.


  • Satellite internet is slower than most DSL, cable and fiber optic internet connections.
  • dishNET can be more expensive than other internet solutions, if you live in an area with multiple options.
  • Good Internet plan is not acceptable for much besides web browsing and emailing.
dishNET Satellite Internet
Bundled Pricing$39.99 – $69.99/mo.
Internet Only Pricing$49.99 – $79.99/mo.
Price Guarantee2 years
Download Speed10 – 15 Mbps
Data Allowance60 – 100 GB
Unlimited DataInternet Plus
EquipmentdishNET Satellite TRIA
Equipment Lease$10/mo.

What You Need to Know

Satellite internet is often the only high speed choice in rural locations. dishNET offers nationwide satellite internet with three tiers of service, and you can bundle your TV and internet with DISH for a decent monthly cost. Satellite internet will never be fiber optic service, or even cable, but it is a good upgrade from dialup!

Our Review

For rural customers, dishNET satellite internet is a good internet solution. The three tiers of satellite service from DISH are Good, Better and Best Internet. The Good Internet plan fits smaller households with low data usage. Browsing the web, emailing and sharing photos are all possible with this 10Mbps plan, which has an acceptable data allowance of 10 GB but no Internet Plus. The Better and Best Internet plans include Internet Plus, which lets you keep basic internet capabilities like email and browsing even after you hit your data cap. This feature works well for families.

The Better Internet plan’s only advantage over the Good Internet plan is Internet Plus, so if the Good Internet plan is not enough it’s probably best to upgrade to the Best Internet plan. If you’re looking for service that you can stream with, or you want to use more than one device at a time, this is the best way to go. With the 15Mbps plan (that’s the Best Internet) you get a 100 GB data cap. It’s possible to use multiple devices at a time, so you can connect your smart TV, phones and computers to the internet.

Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD streaming, and other streaming services offer similar guidelines, which is well within DISH’s advertised speed. It is important to remember not only speed but also data caps when streaming on satellite TV. DISH and streaming services like Netflix offer some guidelines on how to manage data usage.

While streaming, social media and online shopping are all possible with dishNET satellite internet, gaming isn’t really an option. “Real-time” games that require fast inputs from players in many locations aren’t possible due to the long distance a satellite internet signal has to travel. With this delay, other players may see you frozen in place or disappearing and reappearing within the game.

Satellite internet isn’t cheap, but as the only option for many rural homes, the price tag can definitely be worth it. DISH also offers a bundled deal for TV and internet, which lets you save $10 per month on top of a two year price guarantee. Currently, when you bundle your TV and dishNET you’ll also get EPIX premium channels included in your package.

Our Recommendation

If you’re choosing between satellite internet and dialup, dishNET is definitely the way to go. With the Best Internet plan, you can stream movies and music or use multiple devices, which is virtually impossible with dialup internet. While $79.99 a month is steep for internet service, if you’re already a DISH Network customer or looking for new TV service as well, bundling TV and internet will help you lower the monthly cost of internet.