eTape16 Bluetooth Digital Tape Measure









  • The eTape16’s digital display is easy to read and the electronic controls are straightforward.
  • This digital tape measure doesn’t forget core abilities, with a good locking mechanism and smooth glide.
  • Switch between metric and standard measurements with the touch of a button.


  • A backlit digital display would increase the versatility of the eTape16.
  • The eTape16 is heavier than a standard tape measure, due to the battery and digital displays.
  • For large projects, the electronic tape measure’s 16 foot reach might not be enough.

eTape16 Bluetooth Digital Tape Measure Review

As eTape16’s website states, the tape measure has existed almost unchanged since 1868. Only within the last few years has the tape measure succumbed to the smart tech craze. The eTape16 Bluetooth Digital Tape Measure combines a digital display with Bluetooth capabilities for a convenient upgrade to the traditional tool. eTape16’s product is also available without the Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth version retails on Amazon for $45.22, while the original eTape16 Digital Tape Measure is just over $25.

While a devout tape measure user may be put off by the idea of an electronic measuring tape, the eTape16’s controls are fairly self-explanatory and very easy to use. This little gadget can do so much a regular tape measure can’t: convert from standard to metric measurements, store two measurements and automatically find the midpoint of a measurement. Apparently, the need for automatic conversions between the standard and metric systems are what inspired this product to begin with. When you’re using the eTape16, you can choose to have your measurements display in inches or feet and inches, with the option of either fractions or decimals.

After 5 minutes the digital measuring tape shuts off to conserve battery life. The electronic tape measure runs off a 2032 lithium battery, which are easy to find and inexpensive. The product description claims up to 65 hours of continuous use for the original design; Bluetooth probably limits this pretty dramatically, but only time will tell.

Now, on to the most important part: What does that Bluetooth connectivity do? Download the eSmart for eTape app from the App Store or Google Play Store and pair your smartphone with the tape measure. The app interface looks similar to a spreadsheet and offers several customization options. There is also eTape Construction, which includes more functionality. The apps are definitely a well-thought out system, with the ability to export spreadsheets to Excel and create a cut list.

I think the digital display and the ability to automatically find the midpoint are the best features of this digital tape measure from eTape. For someone who makes a lot of measurements, or who really likes to have cool smart tools that they can sync to an app, the ability to create a spreadsheet in eSmart app is a great addition to the tape measure. In fact, I think my dad will be getting one of these for his birthday. He’ll love having the measurements right on his phone, without having to write them down just to take a photo of the paper for his trip to the store.