Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle









  • Precisely set temperatures in intervals of 5 degrees for brewing various types of tea.
  • Gourmia’s Electric Kettle includes a well-constructed mesh basket for quick loose leaf brewing.
  • The kettle features a sleek design that can be left on the kitchen counter when not in use.


  • This kettle does not include the ability to pre-schedule brewing for ready-to-drink tea.
  • As with other electric kettles, the Gourmia Electric Kettle cannot be fully submerged when cleaning.
  • Storage is a bit difficult, as the cord does not retract into the base of the kettle.

Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle Review

Tea lovers will enjoy Gourmia’s well-designed GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle. While Gourmia lists the product with an MSRP of $79.99, we fiound it on Amazon for $59.99, which is a great value compared to other high-end electric tea kettles.

The appliance is 2 quarts, which may be a bit large if you only want a cup of tea at a time. Gourmia’s design and construction looks high-quality, and the kettle could easily live on the kitchen counter in almost any kitchen.

Most importantly, temperature can be adjusted by 5 degree increments for precise brewing of black, green, herbal, white tea and more. The mesh basket is easily lowered into your heated water without opening the GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle, and then raised when your tea is brewed to your liking. Unlike higher-end kettles, Gourmia’s product does not do this automatically; I didn’t mind taking care of this step on my own.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is convenient with the Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle. My water heated quickly and the kettle’s cordless base makes taking it from your kitchen counter to the table easy. Gourmia suggests using their GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle as a quick way to heat water for not only tea, but also oatmeal, cocoa, noodles and more. This versatility makes the kettle a great value, worth the price tag, even for buyers who aren’t huge tea enthusiasts!

The kettle is ETL listed and confirms to these North American safety and quality standards.