• All HughesNet for Business plans have a 24 month price guarantee that also covers equipment leases.
  • If your business is located in a rural area, satellite internet can give you a high speed connection that other options don’t provide.
  • Satellite internet, like HughesNet, is a very secure technology, limiting the ability of hackers to disrupt your business.


  • For businesses that need a lot of data, HughesNet can get expensive fast, especially after the 24 month price lock ends.
  • Upload speeds are 3 Mbps. If you upload a lot of files or orders online, this may not be fast enough.
  • When you exceed your monthly data allowance, download speeds will be as slow as 1 to 3 Mbps.
HughesNet Business Review
1st Year Pricing$69.99/mo. to $419.99/mo.
2nd Year Pricing$69.99/mo. to $419.99/mo.
Price Guarantee2 years
Download Speed25 Mbps
Data Allowance35 to 250 GB per month
Equipment Purchase$599.99 upfront (includes installation)
Equipment Lease$99.99 upfront + $19.99/mo. + free installation

What You Need to Know

Almost every business needs a reliable internet connection in today’s world, which can be difficult for business owners in remote locations or who don’t want to pay for more service than they need. HughesNet for Business offers 5 plans (from $69.99 to $419.99 per month) with download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps with its Gen5 technology. Business plan pricing is locked in for 24 months, which is helpful when trying to plan ahead for your company.

Our Review

Satellite internet has always been a great option for small business owners looking for a secure internet solution that can be used anywhere. HughesNet’s basic commercial plans won’t break the bank and offer enough speed and data for small companies.

However, for bigger companies that need a huge data allowance or lightning-fast speeds for dozens of users, HughesNet probably doesn’t fit the bill. Even the largest plan, which touts 250 GB of data, only includes 50 GB of daytime data per month, which is likely when most of your internet use takes place.

Should you purchase or lease your HughesNet satellite and modem? If you want to purchase your equipment up front, it costs $599.99, which also includes installation. That’s a lot at once for many small businesses. HughesNet also offers a leasing option with its business plans, which will cost you $99.99 up front and $19.99 per month. When you lease, HughesNet will include your installation for free. Over 2 years the leasing option will save you a little over $20. However, if you plan on keeping your service longer than 24 months, you may want to consider buying your satellite and modem because it will save you money in the following years.

A lot of businesses use satellite internet as their backup option. HughesNet’s lowest plans are affordable enough and include enough data that they could be used to supplement another type of internet in case of outages. Because satellite internet is so difficult to hack, it might also be worth having a HughesNet account to send your most important transactions.

Our Recommendation

The bottom line is that HughesNet’s Gen5 plans for businesses have a lot of positive attributes, including security, a 2 year price guarantee and nationwide availability. However, plans get expensive fast and offer limited data allowances. If you’re a small company with limited internet use, run your business in a remote area, or need a secure backup option, consider HughesNet for Business plans.

HughesNet for Business’ Current Promotions

  • When you sign up for a 2 year contract with HughesNet, they’ll guarantee your monthly price for the whole 2 years you’re under contract.
  • You can add phone service through HughesNet for $25 per month for the same 24 months.
  • New HughesNet for Business customers qualify for a $200 mail in rebate after you use the service for a month.

Compare Business Satellite Internet Providers: HughesNet vs Exede

HughesNet vs Exede Business Plans
Download Speeds25 Mbps15 Mbps
Upload Speeds3 Mbps4 Mbps
Plan Data Limits35 to 250 GB20 to 200 GB
Plan Pricing$69.99 to $419.99/mo.$99.99 to $499.99/mo.
InstallationFree with lease option$299.99