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While smart accessories are often a convenient addition to you home, innovative tech products are also saving lives. One addition to the latter category is Room8, an updated, connected take on the Life Alert button. Room8 is currently in the final phases of its Kickstarter campaign, which is where I first saw the product.

Side note: If you’re not trolling Kickstarter, you’re missing out. There are some crazy cool ideas people are trying to get off the ground. Even if you can’t donate, give their Facebook a like or check out their website. I’m going to be making an effort to feature my favorites on Home Tech Scoop more often!

Kickstarter Project: Room8 | Home Tech ScoopRoom8’s founders are physicians who found problems with current clinic technologies used to alert them when their patents need them. Their solution is a compact, easy to hold button that connects wirelessly via WiFi. This makes using the device easy and increases the range of the button. Instead of short range Bluetooth, Room8 can alert anyone via WiFi if a patient needs help.

When the button is activated, a signal is sent to a paired device. This can include your phone, tablet, smartwatch or fitness tracker, computer and more. Room8 is paired with your device using the app, which is still in development. Because clinics will use multiple devices simultaneously for their patients, each Room8 has a unique code to let healthcare providers know who exactly needs their help.

Kickstarter Project: Room8 | Home Tech Scoop

Now you’re thinking, “Okay, that’s all good, but we’re not doctors. Why are you telling us about Room8?” This smart alert system was developed by doctors for use in a clinic or hospital, but that’s not all it’s good for. Think about how you could integrate Room8 into your home or business. It’s a great solution for spas, daycares (or your own kids at home), gaming, or an older relative or neighbor (like the infamous “Life Alert” commercials from back in the day).

Each Room8 device will retail for between $45 and $60, including the app. As far as medical and smart devices go, that’s a bargain. The creators of the smart assistant created it with simplicity in mind, making me think that this investment will save time and energy in the long run, like all good technology should.

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