LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum









  • The Hom-Bot is quiet, running at 60dB, the same volume as a normal conversation.
  • A top-loading bin and easy-to-remove roller brush make emptying LG’s Hom-Bot simple and mess-free.
  • At just 3.5 inches tall, this robotic vacuum cleans under even low furniture without any trouble.


  • The price of the Hom-Bot Robotic Vacuum may be hard to justify when compared with similar products.
  • In some situations, the vacuum has a difficult time navigating back to its home base to recharge.
  • There’s no way to set virtual boundaries, so your Hom-Bot could end up somewhere it shouldn’t.

LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum Review

LG’s Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum is an interesting addition to the robotic vacuum market; this device boasts unique features that make it worth considering.

For families worried about noise, the Hom-Bot’s quiet operation may be enough to persuade you. Its low volume won’t disturb the TV or even kids sleeping upstairs. Turbo mode is slightly louder, but still impressively quiet for a vacuum.

Unlike competitors, the dirt collected by Hom-Bot is easy to get rid of, thanks to the vacuum’s convenient handle that lets you lift out the bin. The hair your vacuum collects will without a doubt get stuck in its roller brush (that’s just how it is), but this one is easy to pop out for quick cleaning.

Hom-Bot’s innovative square shape and side brushes clean corners and baseboards better than other robotic vacuums. There are seven cleaning modes, with Zigzag and Cell by Cell the best options for cleaning the whole floor. Spot cleaning is effectively completed with Spiral and My Space features. The optional Turbo mode gives you more cleaning power, which you’ll need on carpets. With the upgraded Ocean Black model of the Hom-Bot (which retails for $499 on Amazon), you’ll also have the option of a microfiber “mop” that picks up extra dirt from hardwood and other smooth floors.

With buttons located on the top of the Hom-Bot, a detailed remote and voice commands, this little vacuum can be navigated just about anywhere. It is missing a smartphone app and WiFi compatibility, something that should be included at this price point.

It should also be noted that while LG’s Hom-Bot usually found its docking station after cleaning, it took a while to learn exactly where it was going.

Overall, the LG Hom-Bot does a good job cleaning, with its performance rating boosted by its quiet operation and easy-to-clean bin. This is a small, well-designed robotic vacuum that you won’t mind having around. While the price is steep, if you want a vacuum that does the job on its own, but takes directions well and looks good doing it, Hom-Bot is for you.