Morning Industry RF Remote Control Deadbolt









  • The key portion can be swapped out to use your existing keys or match your home’s other locks.
  • Unlock the deadbolt with your Morning Industry remote control or the INSTEON Controller app.
  • Installation is easy; the lock fits into your door like any other deadbolt would.


  • Remote control range can be limited when using the Morning Industry deadbolt in a metal door.
  • The lock is bulky on the inside in order to hold the batteries required for operation.
  • The remote controls are not built to stand up to the jumble at the bottom of a bag or purse.

Morning Industry RF Remote Control Deadbolt Review

Make unlocking your front door as easy as tapping the remote control on your key ring with Morning Industry’s RF Remote Control Deadbolt. This affordable addition to your home automation setup is available in black, bronze, brass and nickel options so you can match your existing door knob. The deadbolts start at $86.00 on Amazon. You can operate the deadbolt from about 30 feet away with the remote control, and Morning Industry says you can add up to 15 remotes to a single lock.

These deadbolts can be locked and unlocked using a traditional key, the remote control fob, or through integration with an INSTEON Controller, which lets you operate your Morning Industry Remote Control Deadbolt with the INSTEON smartphone app. The INSTEON Controller and Hub only mention compatibility with MiLocks, but both MiLocks and Morning Industry locks are manufactured by MiProducts Corp. and should be completely compatible with the INSTEON system. (We did not test this theory, but other online reviewers had success!)

Installing the deadbolt is as simple as installing a regular deadbolt into your door. The only difference with the Morning Industry RF Remote Control Deadbolt is if you have a metal door, in which case you’ll need to add cork, tape or another material between the lock and the door so that the radio frequency is not affected by the metal in the door. Because the deadbolt is battery operated (which means no extra wiring to worry about), the inside portion of the deadbolt is quite bulky. The outside of the door looks identical to a non-automated deadbolt.

Overall, this is a handy addition to any home, and a must-have if you’re interested in automating your home without a complete overhaul.