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Home security cameras are often easy to see on purpose. The goal is for them to act as a deterrent by telling potential intruders to pick another house or to keep guests and neighbors on their best behavior. But this isn’t always the best approach.

Who is completely comfortable knowing they’re being watched? As more people mind about privacy in and out of their homes, there is a growing need among homeowners to invest in inconspicuous yet effective security cameras that aren’t too obstructive. Hidden cameras are fast becoming the go-to option for home use. Many of them come built into common objects found in homes like smoke detectors, light bulbs, motion detectors, clocks and more.

Whether you want to closely monitor your kids or pets when you’re away, or check on your nanny without them knowing, you’ll most likely want a security system that won’t ruin your ambiance. While there are many types of security cameras you can choose from, here are five discreet yet reliable security camera options to consider for your home:

1. Smoke Detector Hidden Cameras

Smoke detector security cameras have long been used as covert surveillance devices in homes. While they look like the every-day fire detection device, they come built with integrated video cameras. And the good ones will double as functional fire alarms!

While many buyers will attest to the fact that finding quality smoke detector cameras is a challenge, there are a number of proven commercial-grade covert smoke detector cameras on the market.

When choosing a smoke detector camera, you’ll want one that is reliable, well-designed and relatively easy to install to your wall or ceiling. It should preferably offer excellent 1080p HD video resolution, support Wi-Fi connection and Android, iPhone and PC access and real-time monitoring.

2. Motion Sensing Hidden Security Cameras

In the unfortunate event that your home gets burglarized, security cameras can help you get the critical evidence needed to bring those responsible to the book. However, sometimes home security cameras may not be installed in critical indoor spaces like rooms or storage spaces. In such cases, motion detectors with hidden security cameras would be the ideal option. These cameras kick in only when motion is detected, so as to capture only the surveillance footage that matters. These cameras can come disguised as phone charging docks, stuffed toys, keychains, wall clocks, wall chargers, coffee pots, and other everyday devices or equipment in your home.

When you want to monitor multiple areas in your home, you should consider installing motion-activated hidden cameras in every room and corner or vulnerable areas outdoors. When a trespasser moves within their range, the cameras will start recording, offering you different angles of view for potential evidence of the specific activity. The latest range of motion detector security cameras now come with automated alerts and notifications when they’re activated.

3. Intercom Security Cameras

With home automation solutions making modern-day home security a lot smarter, it’s no wonder that more home buyers are opting for homes that offer automation systems that are integrated with intercom security cameras. If you’re looking for an aesthetically appealing yet discreet way to monitor what is going on around your home, intercom security cameras are a great option. Designed to fit in peacefully and quietly in your home, most intercom cameras are designed into existing home automation systems while inconspicuously securing your home.

The majority of these come as smart doorbells. These cameras primarily enable voice and video communication for security purposes. Equipped with an intercom, video camera and two-way talk option, smart doorbells allow users to answer the door whenever someone shows up while discreetly monitoring them. The Ring 2, for instance, is one of the best intercom cameras in the market that offers features like two-way audio and night vision video monitoring.

4. Lighting Fixture Hidden Cameras

Who would ever think that light bulbs could be used as home security options? Lighting fixtures with hidden cameras are designed to be used as your normal bulb but enable you to covertly record surveillance video and view live feeds so long as you have a WiFi connection.

These cameras are not obstructive and hardly anyone will notice them. You can buy a few and install them in your living room, basement or other space for general security purposes or as a nanny camera. Opt for light fixtures with hidden cameras that offer 360 degrees field of view, HD resolution, smart apps for easy monitoring and night vision features.

5. Smart Mini WiFi Security Camera

Smart security cameras that connect with your smartphone are becoming the norm in many households, and smart mini WiFi security cameras are leading the way. While many security cameras may require some complex installation process, smart cams are stand-alone devices that offer convenience and peace of mind when it comes to ease of use. Considering that these cameras are small, wireless and mostly battery-powered, they can be disguised in any location or spot where they can blend in well with the surroundings, such as a bookshelf, TV stand, corner table, desk plants, behind a glass window and within other everyday objects.

These small security cameras provide you with numerous possibilities when it comes to placement. If you’re lacking ideas, you can consider camouflage skins that help you hide your cameras more discreetly. The good thing is that you can change camouflage skins to suit the surroundings. Only a really sharp eye can recognize mini surveillance cameras.

Hidden Cameras as Part of a Home Security System

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Combined with other home security solutions like alarm systems, hidden or inconspicuous security cameras can be an effective security solution for any home while keeping in line with any homeowner’s goal of maintaining a comfortable and stylish ambiance. Whether you’re looking to set up a smart home with the newest range of intercom or smart mini cameras or improve your home security by adding more discreet options like smoke detector cameras or light fixture cameras, you can keep an eye on your home and easily keep the ambiance intact.

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