Novi Security 4-in-1 HD Camera, Motion & Smoke









  • Wireless - No wire or power cord
  • Call police, dismiss alarm, sound siren, and take more pictures all from the Novi App
  • Adjust sensitivity so pets never trigger the system - avoid false alarms
  • Simple Install: Less than 5 minutes. That's it. Syncs with Novi App


  • Fast internet required for best performance
  • The App can run slow depending on your phone and network

Novi Security 4-1 Home Security Kit Review

Looking for a new home security system but you don’t want to pay those expensive service fees and maintenance cost? Then the Novi Security HD Camera may be a good alternative for you and your home or office.

The Novi Security 4-1 home security kit is a home security system kit that includes a HD Camera, a Smoke Detector, a Motion Detector, and a Siren all in one sensor.  The unique security system will not only sensor for smoke and fire, but also track movement within its radius.

When you’re leaving your home or office simply arm the alarm from your smartphone within the Novi App. Once the alarm is set any moment within the radius will be detected. If something is detected by the motion detectors, the Novi app will let you choose to either call the police, dismiss the alarm or even take more pictures of the action.

The Novi security system will similarly respond to smoke and fire, giving you the option to call the police/fire or disarm if it’s a false alarm.

The Novi security 4-1 Security Kit is a perfect plug and play security system. No annual cost or monthly bills, all you need is the kit itself to get up and running. The Kit retails for $299.99 on Amazon.

Do you have a home security system? If so let us know what kind in the comment section below.