Princeton Tec Helix Bluetooth Lantern









  • Light up your campsite with 250 lumens, distributed either with or without the Helix-shaped globe.
  • Control up to 8 lanterns from your smartphone, with the ability to turn on, turn off and dim the light.
  • Go for 20+ hours on a single charge, before recharging the lithium battery or changing the AA batteries.


  • Bluetooth connectivity is always on, draining the battery more quickly than lanterns without connectivity.
  • The Helix Basecamp Bluetooth Lantern isn’t compatible with every smartphone.
  • At almost ¾ of a pound, this lantern is a little heavy if you’re trying to keep your load to a minimum.

Princeton Tec Helix Bluetooth Lantern Review

The Helix Bluetooth Lantern from Princeton Tec (available from Amazon for $109.05, as well as camping gear retailers) is packed with features that come in handy, whether you’re camping in the woods or hanging out in the backyard.

The most obvious perk is Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you turn your lantern on and off without leaving your chair or tent. While other lanterns allow you to do this via a remote control, it means carrying around that remote. With Princeton Tec’s lantern, all you need is your Android or iOS device and the free app. Besides turning the lantern on and off, you can also dim the light and convert it from white to red light.

This lantern is user-friendly, with straps, folding legs and built-in hooks that let you set up the light wherever you need it. The top of the lantern collapses for easy transport. You can also take off the globe for a spotlight effect, which is great for inside a tent. If you’re not using the app to control the light’s brightness, there’s a dial and locking collar.

Princeton Tec has given users convenient options for battery power. The lithium ion battery can be recharged using a micro-USB port, and the battery is removable, so if you have backups, they can be popped in – although this does require unscrewing a thumbscrew. This battery can be used to charge your phone or another device, thanks to a built-in USB port. In a pinch, the lantern also runs off 3 AA alkaline batteries.

With up to 250 lumens of bright white or red light, well-designed features and multiple uses, this lantern makes a great addition to your camping gear. Both experienced trekkers and backyard adventurers are sure to enjoy the power of Princeton Tec’s Helix Bluetooth Lantern!