Vivint Smart Home

Those who are in the market for a new home automation system with a nice blend of some home security solution may want to give Vivint a look. Vivint Systems is the 2 in 1 home automation systems solution along with a home security system for your home or business.

This 2 in 1 system comes with a large assortment of different devices, packages and options to fit your individual needs. Such devices are the smart thermostat which can be controlled via the Vivint Sky app. With the Sky app you can control temperature, set up customs time loops and more. Coming home early? Turn up the heat or AC so the house can be nice and comfortable when you get home.

Speaking of the app with the Vivint Sky app you can remotely control doors, appliance, lights and more all from anywhere around the world. All of Vivint’s monitor devices can be controlled via the App, computer or the Sky Control panel.

As far as a security system features Vivint comes with smart door locks, motion sensors, an array of cameras and their award winning doorbell camera. The Vivint doorbell camera is part home automation and part home security. With the Vivint Doorbell Camera you can see who is at your door without leaving your seat. Not only can you see who’s at the door, you can also hear, see, talk to them and you can even unlock the door.

Vivint also come with their best in class 24×7 professional monitoring systems, which will allow you to be connected to a monitoring assistant in case of an emergency. In the case of an emergency like an alarm being triggered, fire alarm, door lock being compromised or an panic activation by a individual a monitoring professional will try to get in contact with you and send help fast.

Vivint offers a completive pricing scheme with multiple different packages. You can learn more about Vivint Home Automation Systems by visiting their website.