Is your home automated? Do you know why you should automate your home?

Technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry, especially the home automation sector. From being able to operate a fan with the touch of a button, to controlling the whole house with a smart device or panel is what the home automation industry has evolved to. Due to the increasing popularity of home automation devices, companies are advancing their technologies at a faster pace and simultaneously decreasing the price of smart home products to make them affordable for more individuals.

10 Ways Home Automation Can Make Your House a Futuristic World

Homeowners are investing in automation products like coffee makers, thermostats, security systems, lighting control systems and sound systems as families make their homes smarter. Options like the Philips Illuminate Customizable Lighting System offer the ability to customize your smart home features in a way that compliments the architecture and design of the house.

10 Reasons for Home Automation

    1. Control your home from anywhere. With home automation, individuals can control all kinds of systems, including security, lighting, temperature, appliances, AV entertainment and more, with the help of a smartphone or tablet.
    2. Keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Does leaving your home vulnerable to robbery and other crime make you nervous? Smart security cameras can be installed inside and around the house, which can easily be accessed with smartphones and tablets to keep an eye on the house at all times from anywhere.
    3. Crazy convenience. The most adored feature of home automation is convenience, which allows individual to sit on the couch and know who is at the gate, control the thermostat in the bedroom or turn off the lights.
    4. Next level utility options. Home automation allows you to have keyless locks with time-restricted codes. This is perfect for restricted access for workers, babysitters and family members. It not only increases security, but also keeps track of who entered the house and at what time. Other utility options include preheating the oven, washing clothes and adjusting thermostat – all at the push of a button.
    5. Entertainment in every room. Home automation makes video screens and in-wall speakers available throughout your house for awesome entertainment options. You can adjust your music for your next party, intimate dinner or family get-together, then switch it back just by pressing a button on your smartphone or control panel.
    6. Home theatre. Individuals with home automation can skip going to the movies as their own house becomes a fully-automated theatre with more convenient and comfortable options, along with the ability to pause or rewind the movie as they please!
    7. Energy conservation. Home automation can help you reduce your utility bills, with the ability to dim or turn off lights and control windows, sound systems and even the thermostat in the house with the press of a single button. It can even monitor energy usage and cut back accordingly.
    8. A system that meets your needs. Home automation has become a fully customizable process which allows professionals to design a system that meet the needs of your family as well as compliments your home’s architecture. You can also choose what devices are operated by what button or control panel.
    9. Unlimited possibilities. Anything is possible with the help of automation, from controlling electronic temperature systems and gas fireplaces to flood detectors and snow melting systems.
    10. It’s fun! Home automation is fun. It not only expands entertainment options, but also makes it available at the push of a button. It also gives the mundane tasks of home upkeep a futuristic approach.

Automation in Action

Home automation is famous around the world, especially Philips lighting in Saudi Arabia because of the light and water show that happens annually there. It has become a tourist attraction and shows the various possibilities of LED lighting and sound effects.

Home automation makes the home a futuristic place with endless possibilities and as the technology advances, it is only going to get better and add more features to the already amazing world of home automation.