Convenience is Key

4 Powerful Benefits of Home Automation that Help Eliminate StressYour workday should be over when you get home. Remove repetitive tasks from your thoughts and give your mind the freedom and relaxation it deserves. Walk into your home, where your lights will automatically come on as you enter. Every room has the perfect temperature for you. Sit down on the couch, click “watch” and your TV will turn on. Lights will automatically dim to levels you want. Access your cooking robot to start dinner for you and your family (Alright, we haven’t quite got there yet, but we are close!). Now sit back and enjoy your home the way you should.

Save Money!

We know you want to save money. Home automation is here to save the day. There are a few significant factors that contribute to your bills that will be minimized by having your own smart home. Your HVAC or climate control can be integrated with your control system to provide the option to automatically lower temperature based on whether you are home, in a particular room or if it is a specific time of day.

Let’s make the climate in your home more efficient! Integrating automated shades can contribute to weatherproofing your home. Letting the sun in or keeping it out can have a noticeable effect on your heating and air conditioning costs.

Never worry about turning off your lights again. Lights have a massive impact on your energy bill, and it is time to stop wasting energy and save the planet. Alright, you may not save the earth by automating your lighting system. However, it will help, and you will notice. Using motion activation lights allows them to turn on and off as you enter and exit any room. Lights can also be controlled directly from your phone. No more laying in bed thinking, “Did I leave that light on?”

Home Security

Family and home security are important. Security monitoring is expensive. Integrating security into your home automation is not, and there aren’t any monthly fees. Once set up, you will have access to things like security cameras, door locks, motion alerts, window/break contact alerts and more. Accessing all of these from your phone, a computer or any smart device is easy from anywhere in the world.

Ever wonder if your kids made it home from school? An alert will be sent directly to your smart device when they arrive home, safe and sound.

Streamlined Displays

4 Powerful Benefits of Home Automation that Help Eliminate StressStands are bulky, dangerous and not necessary. Take a look behind your TV. There is likely a birds nest of wire which you’re hoping you will never have to touch. With a control system installed every component from under your TV can be stored in a hidden area and accessed from any room in your home. This includes but is not limited to amplifiers, BluRay players, DVD players, an Xbox, Apple TV, PlayStation, computer, Android Box and more. With only a TV and speakers mounted on the wall your entertainment room gains extra space and elegance.

This guest post was contributed by Trevor of Progressive Home Automation. Check out their website for the latest home automation gear and setups!