Affordable, easy to use home automation can help you create a living space that offers solutions to cool weather problems before they become a daily nuisance this fall. As a homeowner who’d like to add a few luxuries, there’s simply no better way to turn your home into a comfortable oasis than by exploring home automation ideas for fall.

Easy Home Automation Ideas for Fall | Guest Post

Thinking of automating your home? Consider the following home automation examples and ideas this coming season:

1. Room Temperature Control

Have you ever experienced just about the right temperature in one room and a completely uncomfortable temperature in another, due to certain parts of your home experiencing sunlight at different times? As the seasons change, so will your heating and cooling needs. However, by automating the temperature in each room of your home, you’re able to enjoy the exact temperature needed to drift comfortably into a deep sleep whilst everyone else experiences the perfect temperature for enjoyable movie watching. At the end of the day, your mood can easily be improved with a simple temperature alteration.

2. Automated Fireplace

Temperatures can drop quickly during fall, which means you may want to add an extra blanket to the living room couch. Alternatively, you can explore solving this issue with a home automation idea: opt for an automated fireplace feature. By lighting itself when certain settings and preferences are in place, you no longer have to worry about having to go through the hassle of trying to light your fireplace when your home is cold. There’s nothing that turns a room into a cozy haven more than a warm fireplace and the crackling sound it makes when lit.

3. Motorized Window Blinds

Why get out of bed to open the window blinds when you can simply enjoy an extra few minutes of relaxation whilst pushing a button to welcome the sunlight? Home automation doesn’t get more luxurious than implementing motorized window blinds from Wynstan. Not only can you save on your heating and cooling bills and reduce the wear and tear of manual operation, you’ll also be able to keep up with the Joneses by implementing this particular home automation product. Why struggle when you can automate the simple things?

4. Automated Music Playlists

Get up and go in the mornings by automatically allowing music to play once you enter a room. As a homeowner who wants to make your living space as comfortable as possible, it’s easy to add automated playlists to turn on music as you enter a room that automatically switch off once you leave. Not only does it create a unique experience for guests who need to make use of the restroom, it also adds a unique twist to your morning routine.

5. LED Light Automation

Choosing the correct lighting can make a difference to your home décor and overall mood, not to mention your electricity bill. By making use of LED spots and LED strips, you can change the feel of an entire room to suit your mood, whether you plan on having a sophisticated party or romantic sit down dinner with your spouse. Fall is a great time to consider this automation, as days get shorter and it’s likely to be dark when you get home in the evening.

6. Home Security with the Click of a Button

How often do you leave the house not remembering whether you activated the alarm? With the simple click of a button, you’re able to manage the garage doors, switch off the lights and activate the alarm system, when you invest in an integrated smart home system. You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind the moment you venture into town.

Let’s face it, most of us live busy lives. We end up dashing out the door in the mornings trying to keep up with the rest of the world. Thus, there’s simply no easier way to make life more comfortable this fall than by incorporating these easy home automation ideas. Whether you choose to add one or incorporate them all, you’ll certainly look at life a little bit different once you’ve experienced the luxuries of home automation!

This guest post is from the home automation experts at Wynstan, an Australian company that specializes in window accessories for smart homes with smart security. With the weather getting cooler, automating pieces of your home can be more beneficial than ever!