Amphiro A1 Self-Monitoring Water Meter Review









  • The Amphiro A1 is easy to install in your shower, without any tools or mess.
  • You get complete energy consumption detail with the water usage monitor and thermometer.
  • Log in to the online portal and compare your shower water usage with other Amphiro users.


  • Amphiro A1 is designed to work with hose showerheads, not with showerheads directly from wall.
  • This European product measures shower water data in the metric system, with no option to switch to gallons.
  • The basic A1 model does not include smartphone connectivity. Upgrade to the Amphiro B1 for app access.

Amphiro A1 Self-Monitoring Water Meter Review

Have you ever wondered just how much water you’re using in the shower? The Amphiro A1 Self-Monitoring Water and Energy Smart Meter tells you just that! This nifty little smart shower device is available on Amazon for $99.99. For many drought-affected areas (and people who just want to conserve), this is a great investment.

If you have a hose showerhead (standard ½ inch thread) in your bathroom, installing the Amphiro A1 is simple. You just have to disconnect the hose from the showerhead and put in the water usage monitor. The biggest downside of this device is the inability to use it if you have a shower head that comes directly out of the wall. You could probably still install it, but it would affect the placement of your showerhead and reading the display would be next to impossible.

The Amphiro A1 monitors the water you use as well as the temperature of the shower. This information is displayed on the meter in an easy to read format, albeit in the metric system, which is a little unfamiliar to me in the United States. Together, the water consumption and temperature data are used to calculate your energy usage, which can be accessed by entering the code you’re given at the end of your shower into the online portal. Possibly more effective than the ability to know just how much water and energy you (and other Amphiro users) are consuming is the little polar bear and its melting iceberg, which are also displayed on the water usage monitor.

I find it very cool that the Amphiro A1 is powered by a small generator, which is propelled by the flow of water into your showerhead. The company claims that the energy consumption data it provides, along with the drive of competition, whether among your family or through the online portal, leads to change. According to the product listing, a household will save an average of 2245 gallons of water a year with the Amphiro A1. While my habits did change, this seems like a big number.

Overall, I enjoyed having this water usage monitor in the shower and would definitely recommend the investment!