Packing a lunch is often a messy and bulky affair, with leaking containers that don’t easily fit in your bag. Fittbo, a lunch box that will close its successful Kickstarter campaign later this week, is a product aimed at solving these problems. This innovative container’s designers started with 3 goals in mind: “leakproof, it had to fit vertically in our bags and to have enough compartments for a balanced diet.”

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If you’re aiming to eat healthier by packing a lunch, Fittbo is a great purchase. The compartments are already divided into ideal portions, with sections for vegetables, protein and starch. But unlike other fitness-inspired containers, this is also family-friendly and fits in at the office. My favorite feature is the 2 separate snack compartments that are perfect for grazing throughout your day.

The designers thought of everything when creating this lunchbox. It’s leak proof, BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and the food tray insert is all one piece so it’s easy to wash. Fittbo also includes silverware for a complete package. This new product has all the features of a bento box, with modern touches and added convenience. With the success of Fittbo’s Kickstarter, they’ve added a black version of the lunchbox in addition to the original white version. It would be great to see some fun, bright colors in the future too!