Plan your next dinner party with this revolutionary new app!

Our lives and homes are getting more and more digital. Now you can even use an app to sell off the seats around your dining table – allowing you to make money on spare portions.

TastePlease | Kickstarter | Home Tech Scoop

The brand new social dining platform, TastePlease, presents users with the possibility to open up their home and sell tickets for private meals. For all the home cooks out there, this means that you can now make money on your skills in the kitchen and meet new people at the same time.

From breakfasts to dinners, all foods and meal types are welcome on TastePlease. It doesn’t matter if you are a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan – regardless of your diet, there are sure to be some like-minded people out there, just waiting to sink their teeth into a delicious home cooked meal.

TastePlease | Kickstarter | Home Tech ScoopUnique food experiences

If you feel like getting out of your own kitchen and seeing what others can create in theirs, you can use the app to browse through private food events nearby. It only takes a few clicks to sign up and start exploring.

The culinary creativity of the users is all that sets the limit for possible events on TastePlease, so as the community grows you are sure to be faced with a wide range of diverse social dining experiences. Even if you choose to revisit the same host, the ever changing guest list will guarantee each event to be unique.

Easy sharing

One of TastePlease’s key features is that it’s fully integrated with Facebook and other major social media channels. No matter if you use the app version or the online platform at, you can easily share events and other content to your preferred social profiles.

Once you’ve created an event or written an interesting post on the site, the sharing feature makes it easy to catch the attention of friends and followers on other platforms. And if you’re browsing through events for the weekend, it takes just one click to tell your friends and family about your plans and encourage them to join you.

As the site also functions as a social media platform itself, users can share ideas, recipes and any other thoughts on food related topics whenever they want. So while you’re waiting for the next event to take place, you’ll have the chance to bring out your inner food blogger or quickly find inspiration for new projects in the kitchen.

TastePlease | Kickstarter | Home Tech ScoopBorn Global

Created by Copenhagen chef and entrepreneur Frank Lantz, TastePlease builds on the innovative spirit of the city that turned Nordic food into one of the world’s trendiest cuisines. The first events have already taken place in the Danish capital, however, you don’t need to be a Copenhagener to enjoy the many benefits of social dining.

The app and online platform is available in 190 countries and 14 languages, so if you’re looking to make some money on your cooking, host an untraditional dinner party or just attend a social food experience, it’s time to check it out!