KODAK Photo Printer Mini









  • Print right from your phone with the printer’s WiFi connection and the KODAK app.
  • Paper and ink come in a single package that’s small, convenient and easy to replace.
  • This makes a great gift, with photos of an impressive quality for the size of the printer.


  • The printer comes with a trial paper and ink set, so order more when you purchase the printer.
  • For its size, KODAK Photo Printer Mini makes a fair amount of noise when it prints.
  • While KODAK mentions sticker cartridges, we can’t find them for sale.

KODAK Photo Printer Mini Review

KODAK’s Photo Printer Mini (available on Amazon for $99.99) makes the perfect gift; I know I’d love to unwrap this nifty little device! The pocket-sized printer is sure to be a hit with any high school or college kids who want to print photos from their phone without a trip to the store. These credit card-sized photos are perfect for the fridge, dorm rooms and apartments, or sticking in a birthday card.

Brands like Polaroid, Fujifilm, VuPoint and LG all make small smartphone printers, but the KODAK Photo Printer Mini rises above its competition. KODAK offers high quality prints from an easy-to-use app for a reasonable price.

This printer is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Download the KODAK app, connect to the Photo Printer Mini’s own WiFi and start printing! The ink and photo paper are housed in one package that’s easy to replace. When you first purchase the printer, only a trial pack of paper and ink is included – you’ll definitely want to order a replacement cartridge at the same time. Refills are available for a reasonable price in packages of 20, 30 and 50 sheets (available on Amazon starting at $16.99). KODAK also sells a cartridge filled with sticker sheets for photos that will stick anywhere, but we couldn’t find these refills for sale anywhere.

The prints from KODAK Photo Printer Mini are surprisingly high-quality. KODAK claims a dye-sublimation method of printing, followed by a laminating process that keeps photos waterproof, smudge-proof and colorfast for up to 10 years.

With three body colors to choose from (black, white and gold) and an app that lets you edit your photos before printing, this little printer makes personalization easy. Order one for yourself or give one as a gift – you can’t go wrong with the KODAK Photo Printer Mini!